Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: Word has come back that the warp gate to the Bach Mountain Chain is not working properly due to some damage it received on our last mission. Our advance teams cannot advance anymore and our scouting patrol at the Bach Mountain Chain cannot return. Apart from secondary minor damage the biggest cause is the destruction of the main circuitboard in the warp gate system. The problem is that one of the monsters in [Tylent Jungle] has eaten that main chip. It would take too much time to create another one so we need to find that chip again. No one knows for sure which monster has swallowed it. Other pilots have tried finding it using a special metal detecting radar but due to rain in the jungle and remains of GEARs, bullets, and missile scrap from our last missions our radars have been rendered useless. The only thing left to do is to capture all the monsters. I don't know who planned such a futile and ridiculous assignment. I am also bothered by this mission myself. I know it is a hassle but could you help me out with this mission? Let's get it out of the way

Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: Thank you for your time and trouble. I suppose it wasn't as difficult as I had feared. In return, I will give you clearance to go through Bach Mountain Chain. To be honest, I was worried that you might not be able to go through Bach Mountain Chain due to its steep geographical features and strong monsters, but you have proven yourself as capable as any pilot under my command, if not more. Anyway, our comrades who defected have safely arrived in Arlington. With that news, feelings of relief surge through me, even though we were shooting at them just mere days ago. We are quite different from the regular army, don't you think so? Once you trust someone with your life, he or she will be your comrade forever...even if they are now your enemy. It is not really their fault, it is all because of our corrupt government. Bygeniou is losing its ray of hope little by little. Damnit. Because of my stupid contract, I cannot leave here, cannot listen to the dicatates of my own conscience, my own thoughts.......I have never been so burdened as I am right now, as the leader of the Mercenary Army. You may leave now. I will just start drinking again...just as I did yesterday, and the day before...maybe I drink too much but it's the only answer I have these days

The road to the Bach Mountain Chain is open again but due to the last mission in Tylent Jungle, which did not take into account the weather, the conditions there are worsening day by day. On top of that monsters in this sector have have mutated due to waste, liquids, and metallic compounds that were sent flying in all directions during the fierce battles that ensued here. Even Hornians, who stayed relatively peaceful, are preparing to bring the Hornian Queen out of her lair for their own protection. There are also movements of other, stronger, native creatures. Tylent Jungle, once a peaceful sector, has become filled with rage and that rage is surely aimed at Bygeniou city.

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