Ace Online is one of very few MMO's that has an incredibly complex PvP system, there are dozens, perhaps over a hundred different ways to fight one gear to another. Some of the most commonly used ones are generally acknowledged as:

  • AirRivals - Feathering tutorial from a noob

    AirRivals - Feathering tutorial from a noob

    Feathering - (All Gears) Feathering is the technique used to save booster time. Instead of holding space bar down to boost, you push down and let go the space bar in intervals. When done correctly you may maintain near top boost speed of you engine constantly.
  • AirRivals - How to H4x turn

    Hax Turn - (All Gears) This technique is used for sharper turning. When hax turning you use strafe (a or d) in order to quicker get your air frame to face the opponent. This technique can also be enhanced by turning OFF the Advanced Flight Control option, where after you use the corners of your screen to turn even faster (Example: Hax turn left = "D" with Cursor pointed at the bottom of upper left hand corner, in mid-turn the combination of keys and cursor position is switched from "D" to "A" and the opposite corner of which was used (Upper left to Bottom left and counter wise).
  • Hax Feathering - (All Gears) A combination of Hax Turn and Feathering. (Check Hax Feathering page for visual explanation.)
  • Turnaround and Back Move Mach - (B and I-Gear) Though they may seem like simple skills, Turnaround and Back Move Mach still require excellent timing in a lot of situations, for I-Gears it is very useful to use Back Move Mach to keep distance from an enemy B-Gear or to Move from one side to another through an M-Gear or A-Gear to confuse their line of fire. Turnaround is very useful to make an instant 180 Degree turn after passing an enemy Gear to gain the advantage of face to back sight. There are countless situations to use Turnaround and Back Move Mach in different ways of timing and combining with other skills and can there for be labelled both Skill and Technique.
  • Zero Seige - (A Gear Only) A move where an A Gear uses a combination of pressing 'R' and right click to where they can be on an enemy, use siege mode and fire to kill the enemy A Gear.
  • A-Gear Backshot

    A-Gear Backshot

    Backshot - (A Gear Only) Either by targeting an enemy behind you and lining up your cursor to where they are behind you and entering Siege Mode, or using 'R' quickly to "trick" the game to as if you are looking back then use Siege Mode. This technique is also very useful for when the A-Gear runs from a B-Gear, the A-Gear can then shoot at the B-Gear while flying away without getting hit until the B-Gear catches up (Snare Shot might be helpful).
    AG Air Back Shot Demo

    AG Air Back Shot Demo

  • 360 Air Siege - (A-Gear Only) A technique where an A-Gear holds "R" and "Right Mouse Button" and then activates Air Siege Mode, "R" and "Right Mouse Button" should now be released. The A-Gear is now able to turn quickly in all angles, instead of the usual angles as if you were in Siege Mode.
  • Delay Bomb - (B-Gear Only) A Technique where the B-Gear activates it's bombing skill and waits for the approaching target to barrel roll, after the target has Barrel rolled, the B-Gear quickly turns (Not Turnaround) and fires the target on it's side or back. Strafing to the left/right or make a soft turn slightly to the left/right may enhance the probability if catching up to the target after it rolled and could also help you evade other BGears their bombing skill without rolling and still allow you to bomb your target.
  • Call of Big Boom - (M-Gear + B-Gear combo) This Technique lets a B-Gear Big Boom safely in areas with a lot of enemies, the M-Gear simply has to activate Call of Hero and use it on the B-Gear in it's form at the location where the Big Boom should be dropped off (The location of the spawn point when someone is Call of Hero'd is determined by the location of where the M-Gear was when the skill was used on the formation member). When the B-Gear gets the Call of Hero 5 seconds later, the B-Gear activates Big Boom and then accepts the Call of Hero 2 seconds after the activation of Big Boom.

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