The following is a basic guide to the player's stats.


As a player gains levels, they are able to increase their 6 basic stats. For each level the player gains, they receive 1 stat point, which can be applied to the stat of their choosing. Each stat point increases the chosen stat by 1-4 - the player's Gear class determines how much each stat will be increased (ex. an I-Gear class character's attack stat will increase by 4 with each point applied, while their defence stat will only increase by 2; an M-Gear class character's defence stat will increase by 4, and their fuel will increase by 3, etc.)

Please note that the player's base stats "stack" with any armour, weapon, or other equipment stats (ex. if a player's armour has a Shield bonus, then both the player's Shield stat, and the Shield bonus of the armour both combine to determine the player's overall Shield capacity).


The 6 stats are:

  • Attack - The player's attack power - the higher the attack stat, the more damage the player's attacks will deal
  • Defence - The player's energy capacity - the higher the defence stat, the more damage the player can withstand.
  • Evasion - The player's ability to counter or deflect attacks. If an attack (ex. a shot or a missile) is successfully deflected, it will register as a "miss" and the player will take no damage. A higher evasion stat therefore makes it harder for enemies to land a successful hit on the player
  • Fuel - The player's fuel capacity - a higher fuel stat allows the player to fly for longer periods of time without having to refuel - and also increases the player's weight capacity. (If a Gear runs out of fuel while in flight - it crashes, and the player is forced to warp back to their city)
  • Spirit - The player's skill usage capacity - the higher the spirit stat, the higher the player's Skill Points are (allowing the player to use more skills consecutively without having to wait for the Skill Points to recharge)
  • Shield - The player's shield capacity. Shields are essentially a "first line of defence" against attacks - after the shields have been depleted, the player's energy will begin to take damage. (Piercing attacks however can penetrate shields and deal damage straight to the energy).

Weight capacityEdit

A player's weight capacity (represented in kg) determines how many items (in combined weight) a player can carry without being bogged down. If the player's weight capacity is over 70%, their fuel consumption will be doubled. If over 80%, they will be unable to use their booster - while if over 90% - they will be only able to fly at minimum speed.

Increasing the player's fuel stat also increases the weight capacity.


A player's rank corresponds to the player's current level. Rank also corresponds to the Kill mark item another player will receive for killing said player. The ranks are:

  • None (1-11)
  • Trainee (12-21)
  • Junior (22-31)
  • Airman (32-41)
  • Wing man (42-51)
  • Ace (52-61)
  • Veteran (62-71)
  • Top Gun (72-81)
  • Wing Commander (82-91)
  • Hero (92-95)
  • Centurion (96-99)
  • Colonel (100-103)
  • General(104-107)
  • Governor (108-111)
  • Conqueror (112-115)

There are also two ranks higher than Conqueror, however they are not currently available (as the maximum reachable level is currently 115).

  • Guardian (116-119)
  • Legend (120-123)


'Fame 'is simply a player's personal kill count (of players of the enemy nation), every kill adds 1 fame point to the player's count.

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