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Ruined City was once a thriving city, but since has been destroyed and is now overrun by Vatallus forces, consisting of many different assortments of tanks and air planes called Vipers and stationary rail gun turrets known as Revolde Queens. It is not listed on the map and is accessible by teleport in from either nation's capital. You must be between level 87 and 100 in order to reach this map.


Strategic Point Location[]

Ruined City(Safe Zone) does not have a Strategic Point.

Ruined City(Combat Zone) can spawn a Mothership if you kill the crystals.


  • S-Viper (Level: 95) (Passive)
  • J-Viper (Level: 96 (Passive)
  • C-Viper (Level: 96) (Passive)
  • V-Viper (Level: 95) (Passive)
  • Revolde Queen (Level: 94) (Passive)


Ruined City has no known bosses.



This is the third and final purely grinding based map in the game (aside from mission variants of the map) and, while most enemies are passive, group aggression is a potential hazard, and the C-Vipers deal massive amounts of damage to unprepared players.

The best way to grind is to tilt your ship to the side using A or D and kill the Revolde Queens in the map, as they are stationary turrets that cannot hit you if you are on your side and flying directly at or away from them. V-Vipers, however, have the least health.

The best spot in this map to farm Revolde Queens is the extreme northwest side of the map, as there are no C-Vipers that spawn above H = 0 and no other enemies aside from the Revolde Queens spawning above H = 20. This makes it especially easy for B-GEARS to get EXP as Ground Bombing Mode no longer has the chance of accidentally detonating on vipers that pass by above or around the projected Ground Bombing Mode missile volley trajectory.