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Killmarks (Level)[]

  • None (1-11)
  • Trainee (12-21)
  • Junior (22-31)
  • Airman (32-41)
  • Wingman (42-51)
  • Ace (52-61)
  • Veteran (62-71)
  • Top Gun (72-81)
  • Wing Commander (82-91)
  • Hero (92-95)
  • Centurion (96-99)
  • Colonel (100-103)
  • General(104-107)
  • Governor (108-111)
  • Conqueror (112-115)

Upcoming ranks (Release date unknown so far):

  • Guardian (116-119)
  • Legend (120-123)

Mothership War[]

During this war, a 'Mother ship' will spawn in Tylent Jungle for BCU (Horos), and Reynard Beach for ANI (Anubis). They also spawn a Strategic Point in all maps of that nations sovereignty. There is three types of Mother ship War, depending on your nation: attacker, defender, and double. The war lasts for two hours or until the mother ship/s is/are destroyed.


During this Mother ship war, your nation's job is too destroy the enemy mother ship within the 2 hour time limit. Unfortunately, you are forced to town instead of re spawning. You have to destroy the enemy Strategic Points as you move through enemy territory, destroying these points allows the attacking nation's leaders to erect teleport s. Once a Teleport is up, anyone dying in enemy maps will re-spawn at the teleport. Teleport s take 3 minutes to activate it should be defended from the enemy nation while it activates. Once the mother ship is destroyed, the war is over.


You have to defend your mother ship for two hours. you should camp gates, falling back as Strategic Points are destroyed. You also have to defend the mother ship itself and hunt for m-gears using call of hero to bring reinforcements. if the enemy erects a teleport it is sometimes prudent for a small strike force to break off defence and destroy it.


This is where both nations mother ships spawn at the same time. Generally both nations strive to kill the enemy mother ship first then defend their own.

This always occurs the first Mothership war of the month, as this is the only Mothership war that the residing nation's leader cannot set the time for.


  • For every SP killed, you get 2000 WP(with membership) if you are in the map or one map ahead or behind
  • 2800 WP (with membership) at the end of a Mothership war, whether you win or lose.
  • 1000 NPC
  • Minimum of 100,000 SPI
  • Access to Eopi, a moon map beyond Alioth.
  • Access to Hornian King's Habitat. It is connected to Tylent Jungle and Edmont Valley.
  • Special Happy Hour that gives 20% Experience, Item Drop, SPI, and Rare Item Drop.

Mothership Levels[]

Every Mother ship has a certain level set to indicate it's difficulty, these levels increase its: HP, Evasion, Defence, Damage. the first mother ship of the month is always level 5.

When a Mother ship is killed, the next time that Mother ship spawns it will increase 1 level up to 9.

When a Mother ship endures, the next time that Mother ship spawns it will decrease 1 level down to 1.

When a Mother ship (5th Mother ship) increases above 9 or under 1, the level of that Mother ship is set back to 5.

Out Post War[]

Outpost Wars

Strategic Point War (SP)[]

A random server spawned objective at a fixed location in a random given map.

Attacker Objective: Destroy the SP within one hour

Defender Objective: Keep the SP alive for one hour

Maps that Spawn a Strategic Point

Bygeniou - Bach Mountain Chain, Blackburn Site, Zaylope Beach, Starlite Valley, Redline, Kahlua Beach, Nubarke Cave, Orina Peninsula, Daisy Riverhead - Edmont Valley, Desert of Ardor, Crystal Cave, Plain of Doleful Melody, Herremeze Relic Site, Atus Beach, Gjert Road, Slope Port, Portsmouth Canyon


{C}Successful Attack/Defense:

1000 Nation Contribution Points (NCP)

1000 War Points (Double Amount with Membership) per participant in the map with the SP or 1 map adjacent to it (1 map after for defending nation and 1 map before for attacking nation)

+50,000 SPI minimum for personal contribution

No mapback for 2 hours for the opposing nation upon successful attack.

Unsuccessful Attack/Defense:

+600 War Points, same conditions as above

+50,000 SPI minimum for personal contribution

Example Scenario for War Point Distribution:

Scenario 1: {C}An SP spawns in Orina Peninsula. Following the Pandea map chain, War Points will be distributed in Orina Penisula and Daisy Big Catchment Area upon successful attack/defense.

Scenario 2: {C}An SP spawns in Crystal Cave. Following the normal map chain, War Points will be distributed in Crystal Cave and Plain of Doleful Melody upon successful attack/defense.

{C}Additional Information

Strategic Points are the most common official wars and spawn at a random location and time. The current system for Ace Online allows only one SP to spawn at a given time, although there are instances where another SP appears immediately after the current SP is finished. The only time SPs spawn simultaneously is during Mother ship Wars where the SP turns into a teleport once destroyed.


Arena battles are battles fought in a special map: Armageddon. Those are battles between an ANI and a BCU team consisting of 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 team members.

Reward consist of warpoints. NCP is also increased.


  • Each battle lasts 15 minutes and ends after an amount of opponents has been shot down. If the time is up and the amount is not reached, then the team that shot down more opponents is the winner. It is possible to get a draw in an Arena battle.
  • Each team is warped into a "base" in Armageddon and given 1 minute to prepare for the battle.
  • Each player has their inventory wiped and spi set to 0 for the duration of the match, they are given 10 energy and shield kits, 10 search eyes, and 10 ammo packs. They are equipped with a standard equipment set (e12 hyperfixed) and is set at level 100 with a preset stat distribution chosen at arena group screen (attack/defence/evasion), they also have all final skills and all special/elite skills.
  • Each player can only re spawn 5 seconds after being shot down.
  • All cool downs are reset upon entering Armageddon.
  • Decking is considered a kill for the opposing team, Although decking deaths will not show in a player's personal score, it will however show in the "Lost Points".
  • Activating a town portal while in Armageddon will warp the player back to town. It will be considered as a forfeit for the player.
  • Disconnecting from the game while in Armageddon will warp the player back to town upon re log and is considered as a forfeit for the player.
Setting Kill requirement
1 vs 1 2
2 vs 2 5
3 vs 3 10
6 vs 6 20
12 vs 12



Arena rewards are factored by the amount of players (If team members disconnect before the arena ends, the rewards will remain to it's full extend).

PlayerTeamCount * 10 = RewardTeamWin
(PlayerTeamCount * 10) / 3 = RewardTeamLose


A duel is a fight between two players of the same nation. One player can invite one other to a duel with by:

  • Alt+Clicking on the player's name and select "1:1 Battle"
  • Writing "/fight <name of opponent>"
  • Pressing F3 and write the name of your preferred opponent to fight.

There is a 5 Second count down after the duel is accepted by the other player, the duel ends when one other dies, regardless of who or what killed the player. Warping during a duel is disabled, except for Call of Hero but the player is considered victor when his or her opponent accepts the Call of Hero.

For formation duels the leader of either one of the formations has to write "/formfight <name of either formation leader>"

***Call of Hero is disabled while participating in a formation duel***

There are no solid rules about duels, but there are a several generally accepted rules:

  • After both players agree to a duel, wait until the countdown hits 0 or both players receive lock-on to take off.
  • No Special/Elite Skills.
  • No kits, heals, charms or turkeys. All gears besides MG should not be receiving buffs unless opponent agrees to it.
  • No usage to Turn Around and Back Move Mach skills until after the first turn.

A few gear-specific rules:

  • B-Gear: Only use chaffs once
  • I-Gear: Only use turn engines and Hyper-moving with permission from other player.
  • M-Gear: Healing in duels is very looked down on in duels(its the same as using kits), but should be discussed with other player.
  • A-Gear: Pretty much anything goes, although it may be wise to lay some ground rules with opponent.

Duels can either be 1 vs 1 or up to 6 vs 6, anything in between goes as well (even 1 vs 6)

Summary: Essentially, duels are not a place to exercise gaining unfair advantages on your opponent. Show courtesy and discretion when engaging in a duel. Practice good sportsmanship.

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