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Outpost Wars (sometimes referred to as Advance Base Wars, or simply Bases) are regularly scheduled PvP events in which individual brigades of both nations aim to gain or maintain control of one of the Outposts in the game world.

There are currently three Outposts:


Bases serve as separate cities exclusively accessible by the brigade owning them. They contain most of the amenities available in Bygeniou City and Arlington City, namely the Warehouse, Parts Shop, Refuelling Station and Warp, The owning brigade can access their base using the warp, or an Advanced Base Return Portal item.

Occupation of an Outpost also grants the brigade several benefits. First, the brigade leader has access to War Funds generated by the nation. Second, the brigade leader is granted a Leader Chat and third, the location of each base grants easier access to particular neutral maps.


  • Wars happen every 5 days at 20:00, and all three bases are contested at the same time.
  • The war lasts for 1 hour.
  • When the war begins, access to the map containing the base is granted to all players, although the base itself is inaccessible during this time.
  • The Base (ANI or BCU) Protector must be destroyed to begin taking control.
  • The Central Processing Device must be destroyed before the leader of the brigade which did most damage is permitted to perform a successful System Shift. This is a process taking five minutes which gives control of the base to that brigade, and aligns the core to that brigade's nation, creating a Protector around the core which must be destroyed by the opposing nation before another System shift can occur.
  • Whenever the core is re-aligned to a nation, all members of the opposing nation in the map are warped back to town.
  • The brigade still in control of the core at the end of the war wins the base, and must defend it next war.
  • After the war, winning brigade members are warped to the base, all other players are warped to town.
  • If a member with no brigade kills it, it becomes neutral and no one has it. A very good way to stop one side taking control 100% of the time if not enough leaders are on.


Purchasing Membership doubles the War Point rewards. A minimum of 100,000 SPI but no more than 10,000,000 SPI is also rewarded. Additionally:

Rewards for Winning[]

  • 1 Outpost Ordinance Box
  • 1000 Points of war (HH affects the reward)

Rewards for Losing[]

  • 600 War Points

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