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Nation: ANI

Level Required: 34

Map Name: Plain of Doleful Melody (mission map)

Residing Monsters:

  • Coffle (Level: 32) (Passive)
  • Funkylance (Level: 30) (Aggresive)
  • Valderlance (Level: 31) (Aggresive)
  • Driver (Level: 35) (Passive)
  • Blue Crystal Jewel (Level: 35) (Passive)
  • Purple Crystal Jewel (Level: 35) (Passive)
  • Green Crystal Jewel (Level: 35) (Passive)
  • Red Crystal Jewel (Level: 35) (Passive)
  • Yellow Crystal Jewel (Level: 35) (Passive)


  • blue crystal
  • purple crystal
  • green crystal
  • red crystal
  • yellow crystal


  • 46,500 spi
  • 122,212 EXP
  • 1 bonus stat

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if you having difficulty locating the crystals they are located in the center of the formations of missile launchers. you can either destroy the launchers quickly or target the crystals and attempt to destroy them alone. the launchers do respawn like other monsters given enough time so if you plan on taking them out first do so quickly.

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