Maps are the different regions or areas of the Ace Online world. Each map is a unique region, often home to its own unique monsters, missions, and challenges.

List of MapsEdit

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A map of the world of Ace Online

The following is a list of maps (Note - in AirRivals some maps have an alternate name - this is noted in parenthesis next to the map's name):

Main MapsEdit

Bygeniou Maps

Arlington MapsEdit

Neutral MapsEdit

Moon MapsEdit

Bygeniou MapsEdit

Arlington MapsEdit

Neutral MapsEdit

  • Eopi: Unlocked at Level 50

Island's Dream chain mapsEdit

Peace mapsEdit

On these maps, the two player nations are on "cease fire" (players of opposing nations cannot attack each other)

Hell mapsEdit

These maps are accessible via the Warp to Hell (activated in Ash Lane via the Crystal Trigger')

Special MapsEdit

These maps are only available for a nation to access if they destroyed the opposing nation's mother ship in the last Mother ship War

Outpost mapsEdit

These are available as part of Outpost Wars

Arena mapsEdit

Infinity Field mapsEdit

Burning Lands mapsEdit

The Burning Lands are a series of 3 special maps only available to access via the city warp when a player meets the level requirements. These maps feature large numbers of monsters which yield high amounts of XP when destroyed - making them useful maps for levelling up a character.

All of the Burning Lands have a minimum and maximum level requirement for access (ex. once a player's level has increased above the maximum level requirement, the map is no longer accessible).

Mission-only maps Edit

The following maps are only accessible in certain missions

Other mapsEdit

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