General Edit

This is a map especially created to level up very fast. The spi and EXP drop from the mobs are very high compared to other maps. Some items can drop from goldie mobs (Needs Confirmation, please). There's an ANI and a BCU version, but ANI can't enter BCU's and vise versa.(grind map level 48-73)

Strategic Point Location Edit

Maelstrom Desert does have a Strategic Point but only in the (Combat Zone) and they spawn if you kill the crystals.

Maelstrom Desert Safe Zone does not have a Strategic Point.

Mobs Edit

  • Infected Messenger
  • Infected Fungers  
  • Infected Bonebat

Bosses Edit

Maelstrom Desert does have a boss.

Missions Edit

Maelstrom Desert does not have any missions.

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