M-Gear is also known as the Meadow Burgle, It is capable of forward and reverse flight. It is Primarily used as a support gear, providing assistance to the other gears I-GEAR, A-GEAR and B-GEAR.

Stat Points Edit

Builds Edit

Defence Build: Edit

Attack: 78

Defence: 340

Spirit: 68-100 (adjust depending on engine or desired SP)

Evasion: Useless

Fuel: 27-30

Shield: Useless

This is the most build for M-Gears.

Spirit Build: Edit

Attack: Remaining points go here.

Defence: 340+

Spirit: 172-256

Evasion: Useless

Fuel: 27-30

Shield: Useless

Mostly made by the people for sole purpose of buffing.

No other build is viable for M-Gears. At-least until lvl 90.

Added by Patogeno (SCO alpha tester, SCO player, AR player and others)

Attack Build: Edit

High recommended for grind and to kill other nation, be careful if you get target, because you can die very fast, and the sp go down very fast too, its a hard build to use.

Attack: Rest of the stats here

Defence: 68

Spirit: 68

Evasion: Useless

Shield: Useless

Fuel: 24-30

Engine: level 34 for fast speed, 30 for 0 speed. Note: you can use MX going to 100 def and 100 spirit but u loss 32 of attack (mean 16 bonus point), there you can use engine level 50 for 0 speed.

CPU: level 1 Power Brain No. 7 UND, level 80 Power Brain No. 11 FAII, level 90 Generation System Ver.99, level 102 Fortissimo No. 90 42S.

Armour: Energy/shield most, defence armour will work too but not as a normal defence build for sure

Defence-Evasion Build: The survivor/troll build Edit

Attack: Useless

Defence: 340

Spirit: 68

Evasion: Rest of the stats here

Shield: Useless

Fuel: 27-150

Engine: I recommended to use the level 34, but u can use level 27 for high speed and 30 for 0 speed, or MX for high speed and level 50 for 0 speed.

CPU: level 82 Vivace X RA, level 90 Wingo Waltz Format V-A, level 92 Vivace XX QA, and level 102 (the best one, and the recommended) Vivache XX MX

Armour: For this build u need 2 armours with the same skin, 1 for full defence, and another for full evasion.

This build is recommended for attack MS or a moment where the MG must to say alive whatever it cost, the bad thing is not much sp, anyways u can put more points there but you loss some evasion anyways sp kits are very needed.

And a thing very important this build will only work if the mg is high level and can use the best cpu possible for his purpose that is stay alive.

Use: The MG will need a double charm for def/eva and when got so many people targeting at him with piercing, use b-stop or another way to open your inventory and equip evasion armour and the enemy will miss all. change between defence and evasion armours for confuse the enemy.

Hope this be helpful cya cowboys.

Armours Edit

There are currently 2 War Points armours ,3 Boss armours and several cash shop armours available for M-Gears.

You can use any armour till level 70, but after that it is recommended to get a good armour like WP armours (namely: WP Harrier Defender and Rigid Defender).

At higher levels, it is suggested for you to use either Rigid Defender or any Cash shop slot armours. Slot armours are the best armours available to any gear.

For defence and spirit builds, it is recommended to use R-Type armours (R-Types focus on high hp/shield) or D-Type armours (D-Types focus on defence).

E-Type armours are useless for M-Gears.

It is highly suggested to enchant armours for defence since defence is M-Gear's first priority (for any build).

There are 3 Boss armours available:

Soul Of Phillon Defender: Edit

Drops from Skadi at Fantasy Flow map.

Jealousy Defender: Edit

Drops from Pora J-Viper (J-Viper gold mob) at Sunshine Born and Pandea bosses like Echelon, Guardian Of Vatallus and Black Widow.

Berith Defender: Edit

Drops from Infinity Field 3

Weapons Edit

Engines Edit

  • M-X
  • Engine level 34 for less stats requirements (added by Patogeno)

Radars Edit

  • Ballast Radar (700 Standard Range, 1600 Advanced Range)
  • Probe Radar (800 Standard Range, 1650 Advanced Range)

Skills Edit

General Skills

M-Gear Only

Special Skills

Elite skill

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