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Since EP4.4, all bosses, except the Energy Core now reward special "boss capsules" that are given to players based on damage dealt to them.

Criteria for rewards:

  • The player who attacks the boss first: 1 box.
  • The player who deals the most damage to the boss: 2 boxes.
  • The player who finishes the boss: 2 boxes.
  • Dealing enough damage to the boss: 3 boxes.
  • If a player does not do damage for 30 seconds, he will not receive a reward.
  • Even though the player deals the first or last stroke, if he does not perform a considerable amount of damage, he will not receive prizes.

Note: According to the damage caused, different Gears will receive different bonuses in the prizes.

  • B gear: x1.0
  • M gear: x2.0
  • A gear: x1.2
  • I gear: x1.5

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