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Do Level 1-48 missions plumb all points in attack and 27 for fuel less for A-Gears. Then head to the following maps for boosted exp all the way to 101 take about a week with good weapons

Save all other missions until 101, then use exp from all the missions to get closer to 102. From then grind Ash Lane,Hidden Place along with Bosses.

Mission Master[]

  • link to mission master page.
  • Brief overview of MM system and combos for the medals.

General Armour Guide[]

save up 30k wps, blow it all on wp box's from the shop and if your lucky you'll get 2 wp armours /1 or even zero = very unlucky. wp armours keep enchants on level up so very handy and level up through wp's

General weapon guide[]

auction house is the best place to pick up nice weapons cheap.

  • A-gears want to aim for 57-62 ra its a DPS weapon ;P probably helpful too even full pierce on a nice AC.
  • I-gears enril v9 ftw, cash shop
  • M-gear
  • B-gear any woo is a good woo, insane oko abilty. While hawkies high prob / pierce for gates

Exp boosting items/ other[]

  • Blessing of Decca :=

Regenerates while you are logged off max of 2500 pts each pts equals 1 npc. Per npc you get an extra 30% EXP

  • Strength of Decca :=

kill 300 npc for a boost of 35% for 30 mins. only 1 per time.

  • Rabbits Necklace 5h :=

500k SPI gives 20% for 5 hours found in Parts shop.

Max of 40% on armour.

  • Friend exp, Brigade exp, Formation exp :=

More friends you have online, more exp it gives

Happy Hour[]

Happy hour gives a boost of :=

exp 1000%

rare 300%

Item 400%

SPI 400%

Energy , Shield, SP 20 %

Nation Leader HH := gives a boost of 20% to exp

Level Rewards[]

  • 1=ecp
  • 2=e type fuel
  • 3=chocolate x1
  • 4=chocolate x1
  • 5=tenpole line 6 turbo 1
  • 6=chocolate x1
  • 7=chocolate x1
  • 8=chocolate x1
  • 9=chocolate x1
  • 10=chocolate x1
  • 11=chocolate x1
  • 12=chocolate x1
  • 13=chocolate x1
  • 14=thunderforce 4 fg34
  • 15=blue ion radar
  • 16=chocolate x1
  • 17=bank chip x1
  • 18=chocolate x1
  • 19=chocolate x1
  • 20=Weapon
  • 21=chocolate x2
  • 22=chocolate x2
  • 23=item seeker unit 1h
  • 24=chocolate x2
  • 25=secondhand google
  • 26=chocolate x2
  • 27=Engine
  • 28=chocolate x2
  • 29=chocolate x2
  • 30=mini power level set x1
  • 31=chocolate x2
  • 32=chocolate x2
  • 33=Tnepole Line 7 SPS
  • 34=chocolate x2
  • 35=Surveillance Radar x1
  • 36=chocolate x2
  • 37=chocolate x2
  • 38=50000 spi
  • 39=c type sp kit x1
  • 40=mini power level set x1
  • 41=ThunderForce final U
  • 42=mini recovery set x1
  • 43=chocolate x3
  • 44=ammo recharge box x1
  • 45=chocolate x3
  • 46=Duel roughly made charms x1
  • 47=chocolate x3
  • 48=chocolate x3
  • 49=c type sp kit x2
  • 50=ammo recharge box x1
  • 51=ammo recharge box x1
  • 52= nothing
  • 53=mini power level set x1
  • 54=chocolate x3
  • 55=can of coffee
  • 56=chocolate x3
  • 57=ammo recharge box x1
  • 58=nothing
  • 59=outpost ordnance box x1
  • 60=Angel wing x2
  • 61=duel beast claws
  • 62=mini recovery set x1
  • 63=mini power level set x1
  • 64=seeker lens x secondhand google x1
  • 65=ammo recharge box x1
  • 66=a type sp kit x1
  • 67=mini power level set x1
  • 68=Mystery Capsule x1
  • 69=Duel roughly made charms x1
  • 70=mini power level set x1
  • 71=mini recovery set x1
  • 72=nothing
  • 73=ammo recharge box x1
  • 74=mini power level set x2
  • 75=mini power level set x4
  • 76=Item seeker lens x1
  • 77=A type SP kit x2
  • 78=mini power level set x2
  • 79=nothing
  • 80=ADV speed card x1
  • 81=ammo recharge box x1
  • 82=mini power level set x3
  • 83=mini power level set x3
  • 84=Eproctect cards x2, A type SP kits x3
  • 85=ammo recharge box x2
  • 86=Eproctect cards x3

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