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The Legend system is the system in which you can create stronger (in most cases) equips from high level equips. The Legend system is the only way to get equips of similar caliber as cash shop equips but with lower level requirement. The caveat to note about Legend weapons is that they cannot be modified any further. So to speak, a Legend item can no longer have its fixes wiped and can no longer be enchanted. The only way you can make Legend items stronger is by upgrading them. Legend items will have their names in purple color.

Weapons Edit

Weapons can be legended if they have an initial weapon level of 60 or higher, with 60 being a very low percent chance of success and 90 being a very high percent chance of success. The items used with weapon legending are Soul of Laplace (SoL) and Gematria Scriptures (scripts). The benefit of legending weapons is that, across the board, Legend weapons have better attributes than their non-Legend counterpart though their damage will not be as high until they are upgraded further.

To legend a weapon, first take the proper weapon that follows the requirements of being level 60+ and being one of the weapons listed below. After enchanting and fixing it to how you like it, take a Gematria Scripture and the weapon to the Factory NPC. Place the weapon and one (1) Gematria Scripture into the Factory and press Refine. As stated before, higher level weapons have higher percentages of success. If it succeeds, you now have a weapon called Dark <insert weapon type name here>. For example, if you legend an Arrow, you'll now have a Dark Arrow. Dark weapons have a level requirement of level 30. If you are not happy with its damage, you can now only upgrade it by taking the Dark weapon and one (1) Soul of Laplace to the Factory NPC and combine the two. If the combination turns out successful, the Legend weapon will have its level demand increase by 5 as well as an increase in damage (ammo supply may also increase). However, upgrading a Legend weapon has a fixed chance of probability and will have lower chances of success as it reaches higher levels.

Standard Weapons that can be legended:

Big Mount
Big Smash

Advanced Weapons that can be legended:


Legend tiers, level requirement and % chance of success when upgrading from its previous level:

1. Dark 30


9. Rimmon 70 20%
2. Nergal 35 90% 10. Tamuz 75 10%
3. Baal 40 80% 11. Witgang 80 10%
4. Astarore 45 70% 12. Martine 85 5%
5. Serpin 50 60% 13. Beredle 90 5%
6. Leviathan 55 50% 14. Shamos 95 5%
7. Belpegore 60 40% 15. Death 100 1%
8. Belrial 65 30%

Armor Edit

Just like weapons, armors can be legended to greatly improve the attributes they provide. To legend an armor, take an armor that can be legended and one (1) Seraphim Bible to the Factory NPC and combine them. Again, the higher the version of the armor, the higher is its chances of success in legending. Depending on which armor you legend, you will gain a legend armor with a level demand of the armor you legended. Again, just like weapons, Legend armors cannot be modified, so it is best to enchant and fix the armors before legending them. To upgrade a Legend armor to its next level, take a Legend armor and combining it with one (1) Metamorphose Mixture at the Factory NPC. Each upgrade will increase the armor's level by 10 as well as increase the energy, shield, defense (if applicable) and evasion (if applicable) of the armor. Legend armors will have the same name as its parent armor, except instead of v1, v2, v3, etcetc, it is now S-I, S-II, S-II, etcetc. Below gives a success rate of the armor going to that level.

Chances of success when legending armors:

S-I Varies
S-II 50%
S-III 40%
S-IV 30%
S-V 20%
S-VI 10%
S-Final 5%

Armors that can be legended:

A-Gear armors: Schneider Guarder, Doublecoat Guarder, Blazer Guarder and Grizzly Guarder

B-Gear armors: Garuda Veil, Serpent Veil, Cross Veil and Phantom Veil

I-Gear armors: Laden Binder, Prizma Binder, Fox Binder and Ghost Binder

M-Gear armors: Bischelle Defender, Tower Defender, Helly Defender and Circle Defender

Note: WP Armors (Revival Guarder, Tackle Veil, Rapid Binder and Rigid Defender) CANNOT be legended.

Tips Edit

- To make the most use of the benefits of Legend items, have them enchanted with at least 8 cards and gambled with prefixes and suffixes because they cannot be modified anymore once legended.

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