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Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: We have found a scout plane from the Shrines moving at high speeds at the [Bach Mountain Chain]. Our air defense system must have done something right for once. I want you to go and check it out. But keep in mind, it went out of radar range in a flash. It must be moving at a ridiculous speed. If you have any money to spare I suggest that you purchase a faster engine to try and follow it. In any case, be careful. As you know, the Bach Mountain Chain requires you to have careful control of your GEAR. If you slip up, even a little, your life could be in danger

Fighter planes from the Shrines have penetrated the extreme mountain peaks of the Bach Mountain Chain. First the Munebis Mercenary Army at the Tylent Jungle and now Shrines at the Bach Mountain Chain. Given this serious situation I wonder what kind of countermeasures the Bygeniou government are planning in response?

Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: I have received your report. It is now obvious that Shrine alone has occupied the [Bach Mountain Chain]. This is unacceptable. I will contact my superiors and ask them to make a formal complaint against the Shrines and Phillon