The Insanity Edrill is a Missile type weapon. It is an Event Item acquired by using a mad clue and making a madness missile box. It shoots in a 1x6 pattern as opposed to a normal edrill which shoots a 1x4. It also travels at 600 m/s vs a legend edrill at 480 m/s. It is a popular choice for I-Gears but suffers from very low range at only 2000m. It can not be upgraded and is the only weapon that travels at 600 m/s with high rate of induction and no multi-target.

Insanity Edrill.jpg

Insanity Edrill: 


  • Type:Missile Type
  • GEAR type: B-Gear I-Gear M-Gear
  • Level: 50
  • Attack Power: (114~150) X (1 x 6)
  • Attack Power / second: (342~450)
  • Accuracy: 100.00%
  • Pierce: 0.00%
  • Range: 2000m
  • Reattack time: 2.00s
  • Valid angle: 2 Degrees
  • Speed : 600 m/s
  • Rate of Induction: 120 Degrees / second
  • Weight: 260kg
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