Infinity Field 1 - Kreacian Holy LandEdit

Kreacian Holy Land is the sacred habitat of the dragon race Kreacia. This map can only be accessed once per day, each time has a time limit of 2 hours. Every time a player dies, the time limit of everyone in the room will be reduced by 5 minutes. When a party enters this map, the first boss will appear. When one boss is shot down, the next one will appear. If the time is up and the players haven't killed all the bosses, they fail.

The bosses appear in the following order:




Holy Bomb: Shoots a large amount of energy balls in all directions at all the players inside it's fire range (Advanced attack).


  • Blesskrea*Minor Kreacia (3 Waves, when Bless Krea is around 90%, 50% and 10%) (Amount of Minor Kreacia increases with the level of the Infinity Field settings.)

Megakeeper Edit

Ultima KreaciaEdit

  • Ultima Kreacia*<Kreacia servant?> (2 Waves, when Ultima Kreacia is around 80~95% and the second wave is random, it does not always spawn, even when the health goes down slowly.)
  • ***The skills of Holy Keeper, Bless Krea, Megakeeper and Ultimate Kreacia are currently disabled, awaiting input from Masang***

Infinity Field 2 - The Hydrogen Driver Edit

  • Defend the Hydrogen Driver from 10 Waves of Mobs with the 10th wave containing the boss Calzaghe.Due to how the mobs are spawned it takes a minimum of 20 minutes to complete.


Bishop BlueEdit

Amount of Bishop Blues increases with the level

Bishop BlackEdit

  • Bishop Black
  • Skills:Pressure: Decreases Spirit points significantly every second, cooldown 1 Minute.

Bishop RedEdit

  • Skills:Yellow Light: Locks any type of regeneration (Including Heals and Kits), does not apply to [Full Recovery], cooldown 1 Minute.


Inverse: Reverses a player's engine turning (Does not affect previously inverted settings, awaiting patch), cooldown 1 Minute.

Infinity Field 3 - Survival AbyssEdit

Infinity 3 is part of episode 3.5. SHADE, the mothership of Shrine is attacking the Osiris Mothership. Defend the Osiris Mothership while destroy SHADE in five waves. All of the objectives target names will be purple.


SHADE Engine

  • SHADE Engine Skills:Pressure: Decreases Spirit points significantly every second, cooldown 1 Minute.

Lockdown: Advanced weapons can't be used, cooldown 1 Minute.If done correctly it can take anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

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