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The I-Gear or "Idle Sniper" is a gear based entirely on Speed and Damage with its primary strengths being Attack and Evasion. I-Gears have the fastest engines in the game reaching up to 560m/s and the highest evasion. The I-Gear can outrun nearly every missile in the game, and with evasion, the missiles that do hit would mostly do 0 damage. I-Gears can be made into an Attack gear capable of dishing out large amounts of damage or an Evasion gear with a ridiculous amount of survival ability.

Stat Points[]

I-Gears focus on Attack and Evasion stats, both having 4 base stats. Defence and Shield are both useless on I-Gears. NEVER put any stat points on Defence or Shield stats.


Basic Blue Print:

When beginning an I-Gear it is almost universally recommended to stat as an Attack Build. This is for several reasons such as making grinding easier, cutting down costs of equipment, and learning how to survive without depending on evasion.

The Subagames version of Ace Online gives players the Thunderforce Final U CPU after acquiring a certain level or completing a mission. This CPU is the only CPU you should use until you are at least level 82, where you will use the free restat card given after completing a mission to restat for the level 82 Dolce 8A CPU.

The Thunderforce Final U provides 20 Attack, 10 Fuel, and 15 Spirit. When beginning your gear you should stat as if you already have these stats even though you will not have this CPU for a while unless you buy it from another player.

At low levels it is recommended to stat for the level 34 engine which requires 68 attack and 68 evasion. Without a CPU, at level 34 you should have 84 Attack, 68 Evasion, 18 Fuel, 18 Spirit, 2 Defence, and 2 Shield. With a Thunderforce Final U you will have 104 Attack, 68 Evasion, 28 Fuel, 33 Spirit, 2 Defence and 2 Shield. From this point you will only have to point stat points into Attack, Spirit (it is recommended to have 33-63 Spirit), or Evasion (if you want to use a higher level engine).

Fuel should only be raised higher than 28 to keep yourself from running "Too Heavy", which disables your ability to boost, making you a sitting duck. This should not be necessary until high into the 8X levels. Before you get your Thunderforce Final U CPU and only have 18 Fuel you will not be able to use all the new player armors that are given to you as you level up because at a certain point they will begin to make you "Too Heavy" to boost.


This build needs to have full attack (300), and the rest of the stats in evasion (in order to use a fast engine), fuel (27-30), spirit (63 recommended). With this build, you'll be able to kill most of the opponents easily but you will die just as fast. This build is also very helpful for grinding so people usually stick with this build till latter 8x and then restat to their desired build. A high shield/energy armor is suggested for this build (like R-type slot armors or Prizma Binder). Due to the lack of survivability, attack I-Gears rely on taking down enemies with swift and powerful blows before they themselves are taken out. :)

CPU Recommended: SC-Dolce 8A (lvl 82)


This build focuses on maxing out your evasion so your opponent's attacks (both advance and standard) would miss. This is a survival build mainly used by I-Gears. In this build you need to max out the evasion stat which will provide you with 50% natural evasion. After maxing out the evasion, and putting appropriate amount of stats in fuel (usually 27-30), spirit (usually 33 since not much sp is required for evasion builds), put all the remaining points in attack. NEVER put a single point in defense /shield. With the increase of probabilty/accuracy weapons these days, this build is not suggested before lvl 8x. Also, it is HIGHY recommended to get atleast e8 Evasion armor before you restat to this build.

CPU Recommended: SC-Dolce 8A (lvl 82), Vivace X-RA (lvl 82)


There are 3 types of hybrid builds:

Attack Hybrid Build:[]

This is one of most used war builds. You need to have the following stats for this build (with CPU) -

Evasion: 132
Spirit: 63
Fuel: 27~30

Also, at lvl 86 you can reduce the attack and put it into evasion to get 172 evasion which allows you to use the 86 engine (530m/s booster speed).

CPU Recommended: SC-Dolce 8A (lvl 82), Vivace X-RA (lvl 82)

Evasion Hybrid Build:[]

This is also one of most used war builds. You need to have the following stats for this build (with CPU) -

Attack: 132
Evasion: 250+
Spirit: 33
Fuel: 27~30

Also, at lvl 86 you can reduce the evasion and put it into attack to get 172 evasion which allows you to use the 86 engine (530m/s booster speed). CPU Recommended: SC-Dolce 8A (lvl 82), Vivace X-RA (lvl 82)

Full Hybrid Build:[]


Attack: 230
Evasion: 228
Spirit: 63
Fuel: 29~31

This build depends highly on M-Gear buffs, self-buffs, evasion charms.

CPU Recommended: SC-Dolce 8A (lvl 82), Vivace X-RA (lvl 82)


There are currently 2 WP armors, 3 Boss armors and several cash shop armors available for I-Gears.

You can use any armor till lvl 70, but after that it is recommended to get a good armor like WP armors (namely: WP Lance Binder and Rapid Binder).

At higher levels, it is suggested for you to use either Rapid Binder or any Cash shop slot armors. Slot armors are the best armors available to any gear.

For attack builds, it is recommended to use R-Type armors (R-Types focus on high hp/shield).

For evasion builds, it is recommended to use E-Type armors (E-Types focus on evasion).

D-Type armors are useless for I-Gears.

It is highly suggested to enchant armors for evasion since evasion is I-gear's first priority (for any build).

There are 3 Boss armors available:

- Serapia Binder:[]

Drops from S-viper macro (S-Viper gold mob) at Sunshine Born and Pandea map bosses like Echelon, Guardian of Vatallus, etc.

- Exorcist Binder:[]

Drops from Rock Emperor at Rock Nest Top.

- Andras Binder[]

Drops from Infinity Field 3


Advance Weapons:[]

There are 3 advance weapons recommended for I-Gears: === Arrows


Invading Force (Infinity Field Weapon) Hammerheads

Insanity Edrill (A special Edrill obtainable as a chance item through Mad Clues)


Most important and useful weapon for I-Gears. It is a good grind weapon, a good warring weapon and is good for everything else.

Arrows have a firing pattern of 1x2.

For grinding: Arrows should be enchanted for reattack and probability for the purpose of grinding. Legending is only an option.

For warring: Arrows are enchanted for speed and probabilty because it lacks both of them. Generally, arrows are enchanted for speed till e6 then rest is enchanted for probability. This gives it 420m/s(+36%) speed for non-legend arrows, and 75%(+10% or higher depending on the no. of enchants). These type of arrows are called Sparrows/Speeded Arrows.

Note: Sparrows must be fixed for probabilty or else it wont have much probabilty.


Edrills have a firing pattern of 1x4.

They have high probabilty and speed and have low base damage which makes them useful only for wars.

Edrills should be enchanted for speed till e4-e5 and the rest for reattack/prob. depending on your choice.

Also, edrills should have reattack/prob fixes to make them more efficient as war weapons.

These type of Edrills are called Speedrills/Speeded Edrills.

Invading Force (Infinity Field Weapon):

Invading Force is the equivalent of lvl 8 Legend Edrills (Belrial Edrills). These can be fixed and enchanted. So, Invading Force has eliminated the need to have edrills.

Invading Force is also a warring weapon and should be enchanted for e4-e5 speed and the rest to probabilty/reattack.


Hammerheads are only a GRIND weap and not useful for anything else. With low reload cost and medium bas damage it is nice grind weapon.

Insanity Edrill:

Insanity Edrills have a firing pattern of 1x6. They have the usual Probability/Accuracy of a normal Edrill of 100%, however, they have a base speed of 600m/s but a range of only 2000 meters. These Edrills are extremely fast but they have a base Reattack time of 2.00 seconds compared to the base Reattack time of 1.80 seconds of a normal Edrill. The only way to acquire an Insanity Edrill is through Mad Clues. Since Mad Clues were only offered during an event in the past, the rarity of this missile makes it one of the most sought after Advance Weapons in Ace Online. It is also a non-tradable item.

Standard Weapons:[]

Standard weapons are not as much important as Advance weapons.

The 2 recommended Standard weapons are:

Lightning Viper (Infinity Field Weapon):

Should be enchanted and fixed for reattack.

Volcanic Ash(Infinity Field Weapon):

Should be enchanted and fixed for reattack.


The I-Gear's engines are focused on top speeds and maneuvrability. The I-Gear's main two stats are attack and evasion. These two stats are also required for equipping any engine.

For beginners any high-speed engine (Jets) will work fine.

At lvl 66, you can get a lvl 66 Jet which has 500m/s speed.

At lvl 76, you can get the lvl 76 Jet, which is the best engine till you get lvl 86.

At lvl 86, you can get a lvl 86 Jet which has a boost speed of 530m/s and has a boost time of 19secs.

At lvl 94, you can get the lvl 94 Jet which has a boost speed of 560 m/s. (This is the endgame engine for I-Gears)

If you want to make your engine a little better, make sure you enchant it for manueverability. This increases the turning of your engine at normal speed as well as boost speed.


I-Gears need radars with high Advance weapon range lock.

For beginners, any radar is fine. But by the time you reach lvl 50, you should have a radar like Impellar radar: 1500m adv. range.

After lvl 70, try getting a Barrier Radar or Derrick Radar: 1550m adv. range. This radar is fine for all levels above 70 but if you're rich or want even better radar, you can get the endgame radar from the War point shop for 75k WP (75,000 WP). This radar's name is Hawkeye Radar: 1650m adv. range. If you can't afford it, then just try to enchant a Derrick/Barrier radar for adv. range and at e3 adv range, it will be almost as good as Hawkeye radar.


General Skills

Fire Shot: (Self-Buff)
Raises the damage of Standard weapons.

Missile Shot: (Self-Buff)
Raises the damage of Advanced Weapons.

Concentration: (Self-Buff)
Raises the Probability of both Standard and Advanced weapons. A very useful self-buff and is recommended to keep it buffed all the time.

Evasion: (Self-Buff)
Raises Evasion. As an I-gear, this is a very important skill, since I-gears are usually dependent on their evasion.

Defense: (Self-Buff)
Raises Defense. Useless for I-gears.

Back Move Mach: (Air Move)
Makes you fly 1000m backwards with the speed of 600 m/s. Very useful when combined with other skills like Turnaround. This is also a very useful skill if your getting chased by others, just use this skill and you'll fly backwards and if used properly, your opponents will fly pass you and you can escape. However, note that you don't fly backwards in a straight line. You'd always end up having more or less altitude, depending on your current facing angle, after using Back Move Mach.

Turn Around: (Air Move)
Turn Around, or just TA, instantly makes you turn around by 180º.

I-Gear Only

Frenzy: (Self-Buff)
Frenzy gives I-Gears significant damage bonus and +5 Valid Angle. When Frenzy reaches lvl 3 (at lvl 38 ) you will get +1 Continuous Fire, which means one 1x4 weapon will became 2x4. Frenzy is most important buff for I-Gears and is a MUST to have it buffed at all times be it during grinding or wars.

HyperMoving: (Self-Buff)
Unlike the other I-Gear self-buffs, this skill only lasts for one minute and consumes the most SP (other than Berserker). It raises both standard and boost engine turning, and strafe speed by 10%. This grants the I-Gear increased turning rate, and when combined with a high-turning engine like I-X, this is practically God Mode for the I-Gear.

OverBooster: (Air Move)
Causes you boost straight at 600ms for 3 seconds. Note that you cannot do anything while under Overbooster and that nothing can slow you down. But beware when using this skill. Colliding with the terrain will instantly cancel this skill and cause significant damage to your Gear. This skill is usually used to counter Snareshot (A-Gear skill).

Silence: (Target skill)

Silence disables the targeted Gear's radar detection for Advanced weapons. As long as the skill as active on them, they will not hear any missile warnings, be it from enemies or mobs.

Special Skills

Chain Rolling (Toggle)

This skill requires a Special Skill Opening Card to unlock. Chain Rolling cancels the 3 seconds delay between Barrel Rolls. Costs 1 SP per second while active and is very useful if used at the right timing.

Elite skill

Berserker (Self-Buff)

This skill requires an Elite Skill Opening Card to unlock and an Elite Skill Strengthening Card to upgrade. This skill has 3 seconds charging time before the actual buff is activated which lasts for 15 seconds (this duration increases by 5 seconds for each upgrade). For 15 seconds you will have:
+ 2 Continuous Fire
+ 2 Number of missiles fired
- 30% Reattack Time on Advanced weapons

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