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B Gear Guide (Outdated)

The B Gear (Or Bg) is a useful gear, stealthy and powerful at the same time.

B-gear in the Phantom veil

They can be reffered to as the 'Power House Gear' Or 'Camper Gear #2 (A Gear being #1)'. With the abilities of Air Bombing Mode (ABM) and Ground Bombing Mode (GBM), they are not to be taken lightly.


The Bg is well known for its ability to go invisable, which is not good for the enemy since they can also do alot of damage. Bgs can basically go any build, since all stats get distributed by 3, though some are better than others. Their weapons are also deadly, Bawoos being the hardest hitting weapon, are the Bg favorite weapon. For campers, the Hawk gives the Bg the ability to fire a ton of shots with the right ABM/GBM.


The Bg is a very tough gear to master, being that they only work effectively at close range. Bgs are also slow until level 86, so they can be outmanuvered pretty easily. Builds are very tough to master too, and Bg has to have a balance of skill for engines, fighting, and survivability.


Bg is one of the fastest gears to level up, not the easiest. Here is how is could be done:

  1. Level 1-21ish - Done by missions
  2. Level 21-40 - By now, missions typically give 30-50%. Grind in maps that are light red to you.
  3. Level 41-50 - Grind in Bark, and Rock nests.
  4. Level 51-57 - Grind in Moon maps.
  5. Level 50-72 - This is all done in Maelstorm Desert. You can either start saving mssions from 58, or you can save them at 72 from here.
  6. Level 73-87 - Done in the popular map, Infected Area. At 75, you lose 200% exp Happy Hour, so it gets harder. Typically, Bgs stop at 86, 87 or 88 because it starts to get harder from here on.
  7. Level 88-92ish - Grind in Barren Lands and Sunshine Born, typically.
  8. Level 93+ - Up to you because not many go past 93.


This mainly depends on what build you go for. The most poplular is defense build, whish you would use the


Tackle Veil because of extra health it comes with, along with defense. A slot D-type, though, has a little more defense. Enchant this with defense if you are going full defense.

For an attack build or Big Boom armor, a R-type slot or War Point Valkyrie Veil are popular choices. This you would enchant on energy.

Evasion builds are rare for Bgs but can exsist. For an armor, a slot E-type would be your best bet.


The most common weapon to get, not to mention easiest, would be a Bawoo. This is the Bgs main source of 'power', because of their high damage. A typicall Bg would have a bawoo made for accuracy, for Igs. A pierce bawoo for Mgs and Ags is also standard. Some make attack enchanted woos so they hit harder. A hawk or Supernova is standard for a Bg to use to camp with, this is mainly pure reattack. As for a Standard weapon, there is no recomendations for one, a bg can use any and all.


Use a Eurostar 27' (27 attack, 27 evasion, 27 defense) until you are 86, then restat for a Eurostar 86' (84 attack, 84 evasion, 84 defense). For camping, use a B-X (48 attack, 48 evasion, 48 defense).

Building and When to Restat

Usually, you want to be an attack build until 86, then you can restat for the Euro 86' and a build you want.

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