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Gold Mobs[]

A Gold Mob, affectionately known as a Goldie, is a variation of a normal mob.

The difference between gold mobs and normal mobs is that the gold mobs have yellow names giving them their namesake and making them easily distinguishable from normal mobs, they are slightly tougher than the normal mobs they are based off in terms of level, damage dealt and health.

When killed a gold mob may drop semi-rare items that otherwise can only be dropped by Bosses.

Farming Tips[]

If the player is item farming for a specific engine or weapon from goldies, it is wise to first learn what level the normal mob is.

  • J-Viper found in Sunshine Born is level 89.
  • Pora J-Viper, its gold variant, is 5 levels higher -- 94.
  • Therefore, the Pora J-Viper will drop the level 94 engines and a range of 9x weapons, typically the 92 Arrow Kale.

Generally, a goldie is 5 levels higher, but sometimes they can be only 4 levels higher.

  • Schill Interceptor in Chaos is level 66.
  • Schill Interceptor Clone, its gold variant, is only 4 levels higher -- 70.

Most goldies and their levels are listed on the maps page, but if you're still unsure just wait for an engine to drop. Engines off goldies ONLY drop at that mobs exact level.