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Gear is the type of ship a player flies. In RPG terms, a Gear is your class, with four available Gears to play. Each one has a specialised play-style, unique stat distribution and have various affects on a war. The four Gear types are A-Gear, an anti-air and ground support class, B-Gear, the bomber and damage dealer, I-Gear, an interceptor for air superiority, and the M-Gear as a support and tanking class.


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A-gear in the DoubleCoat Guarder

Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
4 1 3 4 3 3

The A-Gear is a specialised Gear that can land and drive on any surface. Its defining skill is Siege Mode, which turns the Gear into a stationary anti-air turret. With the highest available DPS in the game, and although being a "tank" class, the A-Gear trades off survive ability for this DPS. They stick out in every fight and others will often go for them due to their damage output and being an easy target.

r represents the shotgun class of Ace Online. The most versatile gear in the game build wise, the B-Gear is also one of the most feared in the game due to its ability to OHKO nearly everyone. With Invisibility and the highest damage output in one shot, B-Gears are infamous for the ability to bring tremendous amounts of damage to bear on a gate camp from out of no where. While lacking the speed of an I-Gear, the B-Gear possesses the same mobility as an I-Gear.

A B-Gear is the fastest leveller and is rather simple in PvP after getting use to its unique skills (Ground Bombing Mode (GBM) and Air Bombing Mode (ABM)).


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I-gear in the Fox binder

Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
4 4 2 2 3 3

The I-Gear is based entirely on speed and damage. With the fastest available engines in the game, and the highest evasion, the I-Gear can outrun most missiles and evades the ones it cannot. It also has the opportunity to become an attack gear, well-balanced between aggression and damage per shot, and an interceptor — able to take down any gear attempting to run away. The I-Gear is the foot soldier of Ace Online.

As an air superiority fighter or interceptor, the I-Gear plays well at any level, and isn’t restricted to certain maps. The Gears unique skill is Frenzy, which more than doubles its missiles damage output by adding extra volleys to missiles when fired.


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M-Gear in the Circle Defender

Stat Distribution
Attack Evasion Defense Shield Spirit Fuel
2 2 4 3 4 3

The M-Gear is Ace Online support class, but also is the most manoeuvrable thanks to its engines. Their "0-speed" engines and defining skill Reverse Engine, on top of its massive amounts of defence, buffs, and heals, allows it to dominate in 1v1 situations and sponge up larges amount of damage in Nation Wars. However, while great at support, they severely lack in attack power and therefore do not get as many Killmarks.

This Gear is the only one capable of buffing Formations with their Raging skills (boosts attack power, Defence, and Evasion), as well as repair HP to formation members. They are also capable of summoning any player in the form to their location with their Call of Hero skill. Because of this, they are the most desired Gear to form up with.

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