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Mission Details[edit | edit source]


Nation: ANI

Level Required: 62

Map Name: Island Dream (mission map)

Residing Monsters:

  • Merroling (Level: 59) (Passive)
  • Metanium (Level: 61) (Passive)
  • Chrystar (Level: 63) (Passive)
  • Heavy Messenger (Level: 64) (Passive/Group aggro)



  • 580,000 spi
  • Serpent's Veil Ver. 2 / Prizma Binder Ver.2 / Doublecoat Guarder Ver. 2 (what about M-GEAR?)
  • 990,491 EXP
  • 1 bonus stat

Comments/Tips[edit | edit source]

Kill the NPC required, go through warp gate to city. Then you appear back in the same map. head to the new chaos map gate up above supply shop.

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