Ace Online Wiki

Game Currency[]

  • SPI - SPI is the main currency ingame. It is the only currency that can be traded. It can be obtained as a drop from monsters, by selling items at a npc shop or by participating in official wars (Mothership War, Out Post War or Strategic Point War). There are also several chance items that can give you SPI.
  • Warpoints - As the name it says, warpoints are obtained by participating in official wars (Mothership War, Out Post War or Strategic Point War), but also by participating in Arena. They are not obtained by duels, however. Warpoints can be spent at the War Point Shop in town for various warpoint specific items.

***If you have purchased a "Membership package" you will receive DOUBLE the Warpoints reward for: Arena, MS, SP, OP wars. Warpoint shop***

  • Credits (SP) - Credits are game currency to be used to buy items from the Item Shop. Credits are purchased with real money on the Subagames web site Suba Bank. Notice that "credits" are called "Suba Points (SP) and can also be used for other games from Suba Games. Usage of credits gives the player an advantage on non-credit users. To lessen this effect, Subagames created Web Missions from which you can obtain cash shop items and other things. Also are there ways to create several cash shop items with ingame items and you can also do "Surveys" through Suba's main site for small amounts credits.
  • Tokens - Tokens are used for playing the various slot machines in the Aquarium. Tokens must be purchased at the Cash Shop, with the exception of Mystery Tokens, which can be created at the Factory.

***Selling/Buying credits requires one to give his or her account information to one other, this does not meet the agreement of the Term and Conditions, there for when this agreement is broken and you lost your items or account Subagames does not stand responsible for your actions. Dealing credits is strongly unrecommended***

  • Mileage Points - For every 10 credits purchased, you receive 1 Mileage Point, which can be used in the Suba Shop to receive various items.
  • Infinity Orbs - This currency applies to the individual Infinity shop located under the laboratory, the currency consists of 5 Different orbs, of which 4 are currently available. [Solar Orb], [Quasar Orb], [Galaxy Orb], [Supercluster Orb], [Universal Orb] (The Universal Orb is currently unavailable and might be added in later Infinity Field Instances. The Orbs can be used to buy various items of which some are restricted to the Infinity Field Instances only.