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Replenishes a target's Fuel.


  • Fuelling: +XX


Fuel Replenish has like most other skills different grades, requiring higher levels as the skill is levelled up through a Skill Shop. Final skill level does not require Final skill opening card.

The Recharge time provided only applies to self-healing, used on a different target than yourself the Recharge time is approximately 3 seconds.

Level Demand Duration Recharge time SP(skill point) Function Range Price
10 0 sec 2 sec 30 Fuelling: +30 2000m Price: 6000 SPI
30 0 sec 2 sec 30 Fuelling: +60 2500m Price: 14000 SPI
50 0 sec 2 sec 30 Fuelling: +120 3000m Price: 20000 SPI

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