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IT generally a good idea to roll in a formation

Up to 6 participants can participate, each member's name, shield and energy remaining amount are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Formation chat can be used, visible only to formation members. Command: # sentence


A bonus is added to experience value and drop corresponding to the number of persons, if it is a member only within the appropriate level centring on the formation commander. The above bonus applies only to the same map, same channel. If it is too far away it will go out of scope. Bonuses will disappear when members with appropriate outside levels join.

  • Appropriate number of people 2 3 4 5 6
  • Experience & Drop Bonus 3% 6% 9% 15% 30%


Participation methods include "formation invite" and "make one". If your in a form, no one comes in.

check to see if it will be displayed in the formation list and anyone within the participation possible level will come in.

If you set free passwords or set passwords, they will be displayed in the flight list but you can also restrict enlistment.

When you press the "Invite" button in the lower right, five random players are displayed that are not participating in the formation.

The initial value set for the level limit of free participation is the bonus proper level.

Flight formations[]

Flight settings[]

Changing flight arrangement

Experience Individual acquisition, fair share

Earn items individually, allocate them in order, randomly

Formation Flight[]

If your formation leader already choose a Flight Pattern you can stick and enter formation flight by clicking F2 while near at formation leader. If all 5 people sticks to leader and enters 6 gear flight formation, your formation get a special Buff according to Flight Pattern. You can see Flight Patterns and their buff below.

  • Two-column tie

The minimum speed, the maximum speed, the ground speed and the booster speed increase by +100 km / s when six person formation flight.

  • Two row campaign

Penetration of main and sub weapons rises by about 7%

  • Triangle formation

Main and sub weapons' attack power rise by 10%

  • Inverted triangle formation

Stop flight becomes possible if 6 person formation flight.

  • Bell shape

The Attack power of the main and sub weapons rise by about 7%

  • Reverse bell shape

The defence power of form rise by about 7%

  • X formation

Disperse 50% of the damage received to other crew members the 6th is placed behind the centre dot.

  • STAR formation

Multi target of sub weapon is 2, effective angle increases by 10 degrees


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