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Mission Details[]


Nation: ANI

Level Required: 12

Map Name: Reynard Beach (mission map)

Residing monsters:

  • Refining Alloys No. 1 (Level: 1) (Passive)
  • Refining Alloys No. 2 (Level: 1) (Passive)
  • Refining Alloys No. 3 (Level: 1) (Passive)
  • Refining Alloys No. 4 (Level: 1) (Passive)
  • Rebel Bomber (Level: 13) (Aggressive)
  • Rebel Fighter (Level: 14) (Aggressive)
  • Surface Rebel (Level: 14) (Aggressive)


[Rebel Support Killmark(from Rebel Support)] x5

[Rebel Bomber Killmark(from Rebel Bomber)] x5

[Surface Rebel Killmark(from Surface Rebel)] x5

[Rebel Fighter Killmark(from Rebel Fighter)] x5


  • 5,800 SPI
  • Test Lancer / Twin Launcher II (A-Gear)
  • 8,964 EXP



Pre-Mission Story[]

Message from [Hernez Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: It is time for you to take the enrollment test. This is a real test and we will compensate you for any resources lost but we will not be responsible for any act resulting in death. It's quite simple. Take down one of each GEAR of the present Munebis Mercenary Army. They will be coming out in the following sequence: Support Airframe, Bomber, Ground Frame and Fighter. Good luck!

Post-Mission Story[]

Message from [Hernez Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: Congratulations! You have successfully passed the enrollment test. From now on you will be recognized as one of our own and your rank will be Second Lieutenant. After some rest you will be participating in operations to defend the liberty and independence of [Arlington]. Operational orders will be given to you automatically and when your operation is finished there will be an adequate amount of payment. Again, I congratulate you one becoming one of our own! Lieutenant!

Background Information[]

You have now become a lieutenant of the Munebis Mercenary Army which is called the [Sword of Arlington]. By following your ideal your muzzle will be aimed at your previous allegiance and your actions will affect the whole world.

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