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A duel is a fight between two players of the same nation. One player can invite one other to a duel with by:

  • Alt+Clicking on the player's name and select "1:1 Battle"
  • Writing "/fight <name of opponent>"
  • Pressing F3 and write the name of your preferred opponent to fight.

There is a 5 Second count down after the duel is accepted by the other player, the duel ends when one other dies, regardless of who or what killed the player. Warping during a duel is disabled, except for Call of Hero but the player is considered victor when his or her opponent accepts the Call of Hero.

For formation duels the leader of either one of the formations has to write "/formfight <name of either formation leader>"

***Call of Hero is disabled while participating in a formation duel***


There is also a world ranking of Duels, the ranks are resulted by:

(DuelWinCount * 2) + (DuelLoseCount * 1) = DuelScoreTotal


There are no solid rules about duels, but there are a several generally accepted rules:

  • After both players agree to a duel, wait until the countdown hits 0 or both players receive lock-on to take off.
  • No Special/Elite Skills.
  • No kits, heals, charms or turkeys. All gears besides MG should not be receiving buffs unless opponent agrees to it.
  • No usage to Turn Around and Back Move Mach skills until after the first turn.

A few gear-specific rules:

  • B-Gear: Only use chaffs once
  • I-Gear: Only use turn engines and Hyper-moving with permission from other player.
  • M-Gear: Healing in duels is very looked down on in duels(its the same as using kits), but should be discussed with other player.
  • A-Gear: Pretty much anything goes, although it may be wise to lay some ground rules with opponent.

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