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Mission Details[]


Nation: ANI/BCU(delete inappropriate nation(s))

Level Required: 69

Map Name: Atus Beach (mission map)

Residing Monsters:

  • Phillon Scouter (Level: 71) (Aggressive)
  • Cegorach (Level: 69) (Aggressive/Group aggro?)
  • Slayer (Level: 71) (Aggressive)
  • Elgryn (Level: 71) (Aggressive)
  • Servitor (Level: 70) (Aggressive)
  • Brute (Level: 70) (Passive)
  • Brute Piece (Level: 70) (Aggressive/Group aggro) [Spawns on death of Brute.]
  • Gorgon (Level: 69) (Passive/Group aggro)

Target(s): [Shrines' Ammunition Base] x1 [ X: 79 Y: 197 H: -27 ]

Reward(s): SPI: 594,000 | EXP: 310,347



Pre-Mission Story[]

Post-Mission Story[]

Mission from [Hernez Santoriani]: Although we have succeeded in destroyed the Shrine munitions base for now, we have made a huge mistake in our advance. We have started our war with Bygeniou instigated by Vatallus, and we have never considered Vatallus, We have already crossed the line with Bygeniou and cannot go back. From now on, you will need to fight with your life on the line. So do your best and get some rest. Out.

Background Information[]

Decaians could not establish a consolidated government and their conflict became much larger. While they were at war, Vatallus made their forces stronger to start new technologies and to proceed with the ATUM project. The Ace Mercenary Army swore to themeselves that they will work harder to bring victory.

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