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Arena is used to form fight against the opposite nation and in some cases other servers. There are currently five sizes of fights and one map known as Armageddon.

  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • 3v3
  • 6v6
  • 12v12
  • 24v24 (Only in ACE Online Beta)

The objective is to eliminate the other teams tickets to 0. Each Player Starts off with 10 Energy and 10 Shield Kits as well as some SPI. Every time a player on the enemy team dies, it results in 1 ticket loss. Reguardless of outcome Warpoints are rewarded with the winning team receiving three times more Warpoints.

Card Shop[]

Card Shop provides the players with several types of card

used for enchanting their weapons and armours.

Card Shop


Dissolution NPC[]

Dissolution NPC


Items can be dissolute in the Dissolution NPC which makes Ionising particles.

Ionising particles, when kept in the inventory, are used up automatically whenever Kits (Energy and Shield) are used and improves their repair rate by 10%. Also, it increases the damage dealt by the P.E.T.




The Factory NPC is where items are combined together to create or upgrade items out of raw materials.

Gear Shop[]


Gear Shop provides the players with basic armours for their respective gears.

Item Shop aka Cash Shop[]


Item shop is Cash Shop of Ace Online.

All cash items are available in it and can be purchased through credits(suba points).




The Laboratory is where items are used together with enchant and gamble cards. This is where players can gamble fixes to their armours and weapons and enchant weapons with enchant cards.This is also where players can remove fixes from their items using the corresponding -fix wipes.

Parts Shop[]

Parts Shop


Parts Shop have the following items:


Kits (Energy and Shield)

Rabbit (+30% exp for 30 minutes)


Town portals

Skill Shop[]


Skill shop allows a player to purchase skills for their respective gears. Special skills and Elite skills require you to have a "Special Skill Opening Card" and "Elite skill opening card" in your inventory. The cards are consumed when the skill are purchased.

All skills need a "Final Skill opening Card" to unlock their final levels. Elite skills can be upgraded with "Elite Skill Strengthening Card".

Supply Shop[]


Supply shop allows a player to reload their advance and standard weapons as well as refuel, rejuvenate sp and repair HP/Shield.


Warehouse is the storage house of Ace Online. Every player has access to warehouse which allows them to store up to 100 items (150 for membership users) in it. Users with membership also have access to brigade warehouse and they can deposit their items in it. Although a player must have a rank in order to withdraw anything from brigade warehouse.

Membership users also have shared warehouse for all their alt gears.

Warp Shop[]


Both Nations have warp shop located in towns which can be used to warp to maps of their respective nations. A fixed amount of spi must be paid as a fee.

Warpoint Shop[]


The Warpoint shop sells things for Warpoints in place of SPI.

  • Revival Guarder
  • Tackle Veil
  • Rapid Binder
  • Rigid Defender
  • Radar
  • Armor Intesification Coating (XL)
  • Support Shield Generator (XL)
  • War Supply Box
  • WP Armor Rebuild Card (D-Type)
  • WP Armor Rebuild Card (E-Type)
  • WP Armor Rebuild Card (R-Type)
  • WP Armor Powerup Card
  • WP Armor Powerdown Card
  • Enchant Chance +15% Card
  • Advanced Speed Card
  • Elite Skill Opening Card
  • Special Skill Opening Card
  • Hyper Standard Pierce Card
  • Hyper Advanced Pierce Card
  • Hyper Standard Attack Card
  • Hyper Advanced Attack Card
  • Hyper Defense Card
  • Hyper Evasion Card
  • Personal Electronic Toy
  • 2011 Fortune Pocket

Weapon Shop[]


Player Shops[]

Infinity Vendor[]


see also Infinity Field

Pvp Board[]


lists various ranks for all aspects of the game from exp to PVP


see Aquarium