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The Ace Online cash shop, or item shop, uses a micro-currency known as Credits. Credits can only be purchased from the Ace Online homepage and only with real currency. Once Credits are bought, you can then spend them in-game on exclusive items to further improve your characters. Credits do not expire so you do not need to rush and spend them all at once.

- It is against the rules to buy credits to your account from other players.
- It is against the rules to try and sell credits to other players accounts.

With the 3.3 update, all credit items can be traded amongst the players now, except for the cash shop armors!

Item Shop[]

To access the Item Shop simply click on the button labeled "Item Shop" at the bottom right of the screen. Alternatively, there is a shop in town next to the Laboratory that also opens the Item Shop.

Hot Items[]

This is the first tab shown when the Item Shop is opened. It contains the featured items, usually new or most popular, that players can purchase.


Specials always contain the Membership Packages, which is a sort of subscription-like feature that unlocks useful features within the game. There are four types of membership, but each type has the same standard bonuses.

The standard bonuses from membership gives +50 Warehouse slots, +40 Inventory slots, 100% more War Point, double ammunition, -50% death cost (PvE only), -50% Warp Shop prices, shared warehouse for all characters on the account, access to the Brigade Warehouse, and everyday 5 Power Mystery Capsules.


Various adhesives and charms to boost certain aspects of a players Gear, including item drop rate, EXP boosts, radar range, shield or energy regeneration, attack power, defense/evasion, and spirit regeneration.

Additional items under Augments includes Armor Capsules, Warehouse and Inventory expansions and licenses, and other special capsules.


All cards necessary for upgrading a "credit armor" are located here. At the very bottom contains possibly the most important cash shop items: Supergambles and enchant protects for equipment crafting.


Trails to customize the appearance of your missiles vapor trail along with Marks to wear over your Gear.


Usually credits can be obtained off players in game at a rate of 1:10-12 depending on who you go-to. its generally advised not to give them any items but to obtain enough WP's for the trade and get them to put in shop for you like a "membership card". do not trade your items you were warned.

The math is what ever you want in "war points" say they offer you 59000 wps for 1 month membership @ 5900 then you would divide this.


59000/5900 = 10

it is also advised by suba not to trade credits too, due to the high amount of scammers in both nations none of which they can do anything about.

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