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Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: If you are receiving this message, then I guess that you are still with me. If so, I'm sure you already know what order I am going to give you. Come to [Tylent Jungle] immediately. With new weapons equipped on your GEAR you must...shoot down your old comrades. You will have to destroy 2 of each of the following: [B-GEAR Excalibur], [I-GEAR Shooting Star], [M-GEAR Mellog], and [A-GEAR Heavy Arms]. By the time you receive this message, I will already be at [Tylent Jungle] dogfighting those who I have hand-picked and trained. Maybe it will be I who fall to their bullets. Either way, we have both chosen this cursed fate. We will pay for our wrongdoing one day, so just follow me today without any thought. Let us make a warm farewell to our old comrades


Message from <Krueitoen Andersson>, leader of the Mercenary Army: I see that you too have received some damage to your GEAR. How was it? Did you make a warm farewell to your old comrades? Normal people show their sorrow with warm words but we gave our friends, with whom we shared joys and sorrows together, bullets of tears. Hahaha... They must have also known our feelings, giving us the same hot bullets in return. Don't you think so? You just cannot find any charm in them, can you? Hahaha... Anyway, it truly is great to see you by my side. If even you were to leave the <FreeSKA Mercenary Army> it would have been very hard for us to reorganize. I value you highly. For now though, I've gotta meet some government folks. Lets reorganize starting tomorrow. I am at a loss as to why there was no backup from the government. There sure as hell was enough time for them to start their operations after our handling of the Hornians! I have got to ask them about it. For now, get some rest. There will be a lot more for you to handle tomorrow


I believe that I have made the right decision but I suppose only time will tell. That was an extremely difficult mission for shoot down friends that have become enemies. War is an ugly business. I wish there was no need for it at all. But there is and, as long as there is a threat to Bygeniou, I will be there to meet it!