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  • When you become Lv 20 you can make a brigade (guild as RPG).
  • Up to 30 people (60 people using "Master Ticket") can participate.
  • Click on the next column of Level to assign rank in the brigade (rank can only see the same member, leader is star)
  • Bride chat can be used, which only appears to brigades members. Command: @ sentence * *Brigade warehouse can be used (master ticket purchaser only)

Brigade creation procedure[]

  • Click 【Create】 in brigade window and enter brigade name
  • If you break up, you can not recreate it if it is less than a week


  • Horizontal 24x Vertical 12 Pixel 24 bit bitmap is installed at C: \ Program Files \ SubaGames \ ACEOnline.
  • Click the [Mark] at the bottom of the brigade window and enter the bitmap name you installed.
  • If the created bitmap name is test input example test.bmp
  • Transparent display is also possible if alpha channel is set.

Brigade Management[]

  • Click on "Register" at the lower left corner of the brigade window * PR comments for brigade search, confirmation / acceptance of participation application etc can be set

Participation in Brigade[]

  • Click on brigade search in Brigade Window
  • Select participant and click on participation request
  • fill in participation announcement (even if it is blank) Click on participation request
  • If participating brigades are not in search, brigade members Let's get apo

Useful Programs[]

  • alpha channel converter for bmp files enabling transparent backgrounds on bmp files without the use of Photoshop can be found here.

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