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B-Gear is the most versatile gear in the game when it comes to various builds. It is also one of the most feared gears in the game due to its ability to One Hit K.O. nearly everything/everyone in the game because of their ability to dish out the highest damage output in one shot.

Stat Points[]

Attack Defense Evasion Fuel Spirit Shield
3 3 3 3 3 3
  • Attack - Increases Pierce, Damage, and Prob. (Required for Engines).
  • Defence - Increases Defence. (Required for Engines).
  • Evasion - Increases Evasion. (Required for Engines).
  • Fuel - Increases total Fuel points and increases lo-adage capacity. 70%-79% Lo-adage doubles fuel consumption and 80%+ does not allow you to boost.
  • Spirit - Increases total Spirit Points. Spirit is required for all skills. At 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000, the SP regen is increased.
  • Shield - Increases total Shield points.



These builds are most frequently used on B-Gears for survival(they work with survival armor better). The stats are first put according to the 27 Eurostar engine for B-Gears.Since D-types SP kits are cheap 30 spirit is recommended.


Attack: 27

Defense: 340

Evasion: 27


Shield: Useless


Attack: 27

Defense: 27

Evasion: 340


Shield: Useless

Engine Builds[]

There are 4 types of Engine Builds:

27 Engine Build:

Attack: 340

Defense: 27

Evasion: 27


Shield: Useless

86 Engine Build:

Attack: 270+

Defense: 84

Evasion: 84


Shield: Useless

B-X Build:

This build allows you to use the only 0 speed engine available to B-gear. Very useful for camping gates.


Attack: 300+

Defense: 48

Evasion: 48


Shield: Useless

106 Engine Build







Best BG armor:

WP ValkyrieVeil.png

WP Valkyrie is the best BG armor you can get.It has the same exact Shield/Energy as a BG slot armor but its much cheaper to upgrade(costs only 10k War points),and when you upgrade it it doesnt lose fixes or enchants.With 10k War points you can also change its type (R-type/D-type/E-type).It has 1 downside though,its ugly

Low Level Armors[]

Core Armors[]

  • Garuda Veil (Level: 43)(Energy: 1394 Shield: 929Evasion:0 Defense:0)
Garuda Veil.png

  • Serpent Veil (Level: 45) (Energy:1243 Shield: 1657 Evasion: 0 Defense:0)
    Serpent's Veil.png
  • Cross Veil (Level: 48) (Energy:1344 Shield:896 Evasion:11.76% Defense:0)
    Cross Veil.png

  • Phantom Veil (Level: 48) (Energy:1344 Shield:896 Evasion:0% Defense:11.76%)
    Phantom Veil.png

Slot Armors[]

  • Valkyrie Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


  • Stormriser Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)

Stormriser Veil.jpg

  • Shark Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)

Shark Veil.jpg

  • Illusion Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)

Illusion Veil.jpg

  • Devilray Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


  • Falcon Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


  • Leopard Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


  • Sorceror Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


The sorceror veil was also launched as a limited edition

contour for the 2011 Valentine's Event.

  • Venom Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


  • Buffalo Veil (Level: 1) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)


Unique Armors[]

  • Shield Panzer Veil (Level: 54) (Shield: 5389)
  • Reiz Panzer Veil (Level: 54) (Energy: 5389)

Warpoint Armors[]

  • Tackle Veil (Level: 43) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)
  • WP Valkyrie Veil (Level: 48) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)

Boss Armors[]

  • Valkyrie Veil (Level: 72) (Energy: 2537 Shield: 2602 Defense: 14.90%)
  • Valkyrie Veil (Level: 72) (Energy: 4121 Shield: 3951 Defense: 17.65%)
  • Vellocatus Veil (Level: 85) (Energy: 3051 Shield: 3129 Defense: 19.22%)
  • Vellocatus Veil (Level: 85) (Energy: 4051 Shield: 4129 Defense: 20.78%)
  • Caim Veil (Level: 90) (Energy: Shield: Evasion: Defense:)



Name Level Requirement:
Bawoo 20
Bawoo Bill 30
Bawoo Keel 40
Bawoo Factor 50
Bawoo Pia 60
Bawoo Acid 70
Bawoo Loa 80
Bawoo Spool 90
Bawoo Fiction 100
Bawoo Revision 110

Bawoos are a B gear's bread and butter. These are mainly used for two of B gear's skills: ABM and GBM. The firing pattern of these missiles is 2x1. They have an Accuracy/Probability of 85.10% and a Reattack time of 4.00 seconds. They have comparatively low Reattack damage due to the high Reattack time required. However, Bawoos surpass any other missile available in the game in Attack power. The higher the level of the Bawoo, the greater its damage power. Pair this attack power with a B gear's GBM and ABM skills and you have yourself a missile that could almost kill any enemy with a single hit! This advance weapon is very effective against A gears.


Also known as "Hawk" in the game, these have a firing pattern of 4x1, reattack time of 1.40 seconds and a base Probability/Accuracy of 90.20%. This makes it a great advance weapon for camping gates during Mother Ship, Strategic Point and OutPost wars. It is advisable to enchant Hawks with Reattack, upto e10 or e11 at least, and watch your enemies perspire under pressure from the barrage of missiles you will hurl at them!



Infinity Field[]


There are 3 most used engines for B-Gears in ACE Online:

27 Eurostar Engine:

Boost speed: 460m/s with 12sec Boost time.

Requires: 27 Atk/27 Def/27 Eva.

This is the most used engine for B-Gears.

Allows for the most freedom concerning build


Only 0 speed or "Stop engine" for B-Gears

0-100m/s normal speed.

Requires:: 48 atk/48 def/48 eva

Best engine used for camping gates.

Obtained from Infinity Field 2

86 Eurostar Engine:

Boost speed: 520 m/s

Requires: 84 atk/84 def/84 eva

Easily obtainable from item caps upon reaching lvl 86

106 Eurostar Engine:

Boost speed:520 m/s

Requires :105 atk/105 def/105 eva

Best turning engine.

Obtained in Hidden Place or Distorted Place


  • Barrier Radar (700 Standard Range, 1550 Advanced Range)
  • Derrick Radar (700 Standard Range, 1550 Advanced Range)
  • Greas Radar (900 Standard Range, 1400 Advanced Range)
  • Fury Radar (900 Standard Range, 1550 Advanced Range)
  • Purity Sensor (1250 Standard Range, 1250 Advanced Range)

These five radars are the most popular among B-Gears. The standard range is most popular for B-Gears that use Charge Shot, while the advanced range radars allow the B-Gears missiles fired in ABM travel that distance. This can be useful for Den Wars.


General Skills

  • Fire Shot: Increases the standard weapon's attack power
  • Missile Shot: Increases the advanced weapon's attack power.
  • Concetration: Increases the accuracy/probability of both the standard and advanced weapon
  • Defense Up: Increses the Defence of your air frame
  • Evasion Up: Increases the Evasion of your air frame

B-Gear Only

  • Ground Bombing Mode: While this skill is active, your advanced weapon will be fired downwards as bombs
  • Air Bombing Mode: This allows you to hurl your advance weapon forwards as bombs. No lock on is required. If an enemy comes near enough the missiles, they will receive damage from its explosion.
  • Charge Shot: Allows the player to charge the standard weapon and then fired as one shot. This skill provides significantly higher damage and accuracy.
  • Reduce Damage: Improves the efficiency of your air frame's shield, thus, reducing the damage taken.
  • Deploy Chaffs: Chaffs take damage from enemy fire instead.
  • Multitarget Mode:Advanced weapon can be fired at multiple targets at once. Very useful in breaking camps or during nation wars.

Special Skills

  • Invisible (Level: 45) (SP: 11) : Using this skill, the B gear is able to become invisible to most enemies and mobs. However, M gears can use their "Scan" skill and gears with "Search Eye" can use them to reveal your presence.

Elite skill

  • Big Boom (Level: 70) (SP: 200 Cooldown: 30 minutes): For the price of one's own, damage equivalent of one's ENERGY ( not energy+shield ) is given to enemies around with a massive explosion. Very very deadly...

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