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Arena battles are battles fought in a special map: Armageddon. Those are battles between an ANI and a BCU team consisting of 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 team members.

Reward consist of warpoints. NCP is also increased.


  • Each battle lasts 15 minutes and ends after an amount of opponents has been shot down. If the time is up and the amount is not reached, then the team that shot down more opponents is the winner. It is possible to get a draw in an Arena battle.
  • Each team is warped into a "base" in Armageddon and given 1 minute to prepare for the battle.
  • Each player is given 200,000 SPI for reloads and 10 Arena Repair/Shield Kits. SPI. Normal kits, charms, turkies are removed from the player's inventory and returned after the player returns to town at the end of the battle. However, basic Infinity Field timed charms can be used in Arena.
  • Each player can only respawn 5 seconds after being shot down.
  • Elite Skill, Special Skill cooldown time are reset upon warp to Armageddon and can be used during the battle. However, the inital cooldown time before warp remains and is restored when players are sent back to town.
  • Decking is considered a kill for the opposing team, as for getting killed by a Scout Guard, this is also considered a kill for the opposing team. Although neither decking or scout guard deaths will view in a player's personal score, it will however show in the "Lost Points".
  • Activating a town portal while in Armageddon will warp the player back to town. It will be considered as a forfeit for the player.
  • Disconnecting from the game while in Armageddon will warp the player back to town upon re-log and is considered as a forfeit for the player.
  • Dying by decking or a scout guard when you can't afford the death penalty results in a negative experience addition, however any experience gained or lost in Arena is automatically reset after the player is returned to the city.
Setting Kill requirement
1 vs 1 2
2 vs 2 5
3 vs 3 10
6 vs 6 20
12 vs 12



Arena rewards are factored by the amount of players (If team members disconnect before the arena ends, the rewards will remain to its full extend).

PlayerTeamCount * 50 = RewardTeamWin
(PlayerTeamCount * 50) / 3 = RewardTeamLose

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