Weapons are used by Gears during battle, and fall into several classifications, types and individual variants.

Types of weapons[edit | edit source]

General weapon classifications fall into either standard weapons (ex. a mounted gun) and advanced weapons (ex. missiles or warheads) Each Gear can equip 1 standard weapon and 1 advanced weapon at a time. B, I, and M-Gears share the same standard and advanced weapons, while A-Gears utilise a different set of standard and advanced weapon types.

Advanced Weapons[edit | edit source]

B, I and M-Gears use the missile-type advanced weapon, while A-Gears use the Bundle-type advanced weapon (which launches a volley of unguided warheads). Each individual advanced weapon falls into one of the above types (such as the Arrow missile, or the A-Gear's Terol Bundle) - and has it's own individual stats, strengths, and weaknesses. There are also higher and lower-tier versions of each individual weapon (such as the Mars V2, Mars V3, etc).

For more information, see List of weapons.

Weapon stats[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Attack power - the amount of damage per shot the weapon delivers
    • The attack stat displays a range of damage (in the left bracket), with the min-max damage output of each individual shot or missile - ex. (43 ~ 59)
    • To the right of the "damage per shot" stat is another bracket - with a stat detailing the number of salvos, and shots per salvo, the weapon fires each time the fire button is pressed - ex. (43 ~ 59) X (2 X 1)
      • The second number in the right bracket is the number of shots fired per salvo. While the number on the left, is the number of salvos fired each time the player pushes the fire button - ex. a stat of (2 X 1) translates as "2 salvo of 1 shots"; a stat of (2 X 4) translates as "2 salvos of 4 shots fired at once", etc
  • Attack power / s - the overall damage output of the weapon per each second of sustained fire, taking all stats into account, including attack power, accuracy, re-attack time, and number of shots or missiles fired at once, etc
    • This stat also displays a range of damage, with the weapon's min-max damage output - ex. (63 ~ 82)
  • Accuracy - the accuracy of the weapon (accuracy stat is also known as "probability") - better accuracy makes it more likely for the weapon to register a hit on its target
  • Pierce - The amount of pierce damage a weapon deals. Pierce damage allows a weapon to penetrate a target's shield and deal damage to it's armour even before it's shield is depleted
  • Range - the maximum effective range of the weapon (range stat is also known as "distance")
  • Re attack time - the rate of fire of the weapon

Advanced[edit | edit source]

  • Valid angle - The maximum angle off dead centre at which a weapon can lock-on to a target. A higher valid angle means it's easier to lock-on to a target even if not facing it directly
  • Speed - The speed that the weapon travels through the air
  • Induction rate - Refers to how sharply a weapon can turn while in air - a higher induction rate means a more nimble warhead which can turn on a dime to track its target
  • Explosion radius - The explosion radius of the weapon beyond it's actual target (if a weapon has an explosion radius of 0m, then it will only deal damage to targets it hits directly - while weapons with added explosion radius can damage groups of targets, or deal "area of effect" damage to a target even if it doesn't land a direct hit)

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Contour - Contours are cosmetic upgrades which alter the appearance of armour or weapons. If no contour has been applied it will be listed as "default" For more information see contours.
  • Effect - Effects are cosmetic upgrades for advanced weapons which give the "missile trail" a unique look - if no affect has been applied it will be listed as "Default" For more information, see Advanced weapon effects.
  • Prefix and Suffix stats - - If a weapon has a Suffix or Prefix upgrade applied, the stat bonus will be listed in green next to the stats they apply to. For more information, see weapon fixes.
  • Enchantment stats - - If a weapon has Enchantment upgrades applied, the stat bonuses will be listed in orange next to the stat they apply to. For more information on enchantment, see Laboratory.

Weapon varieties[edit | edit source]

Every individual weapon falls into different varieties, depending on where or how they are acquired:

Basic Weapons[edit | edit source]

Basic weapons (standard or advanced) are the most common weapons in the game. A small selection of weapons may be purchased at the Parts Shop, while many others may be acquired by finding them from monsters.

Legendary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Legendary Weapons are powerful upgraded weapons which can only be created at the Factory by combining specific weapons with special materials. For more information, see Legendary items.

Cash Shop Weapons[edit | edit source]

Cash Shop weapons may be purchased at the Cash Shop - they are often statistically better than basic weapons of the same type. Unlike Cash Shop Armours however, players are able to trade or sell weapons purchased in the Cash Shop.

Some weapons may also only be acquired by playing the Weapon Machine in the Aquarium (which requires Weapon Machine Tokens purchased at the Cash Shop).

Infinity Field Weapons[edit | edit source]

Infinity Field Weapons are rare and powerful weapons which can only be found by playing in the Infinity Field.

Boss Weapons[edit | edit source]

Boss weapons are rare weapons which can only be found from certain bosses. All boss weapons have their own unique appearance:

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Unique weapons[edit | edit source]

Unique weapons are rare or unusual weapons acquired only under unique circumstances (they are highlighted in gold font in the inventory). See unique items for more information.

Event weapons[edit | edit source]

Event weapons are special weapons only given out during special Events (such as holidays). See Event Items for more information.

Upgrading weapons[edit | edit source]

Like with armours, players can upgrade their weapons in a variety of ways.

Factory[edit | edit source]

Unlike armours however, players cannot upgrade the base weapon at the Factory (ex. a Bawoo missile may not be upgraded to a superior Bawoo Bill) - to acquire a better base weapon, players must either purchase one, or find one from a monster.

The only way to upgrade a weapon at the Factory is to turn it into a Legendary Weapon using special materials. From there, a player can perform subsequent Legendary upgrades to their weapon if they possess the special materials required.

Laboratory[edit | edit source]

At the Laboratory, players may apply "micro-upgrades" known as enchantments to their weapons by combining them with Enchant cards, and paying an SPI fee. For each consecutive enchantment, the total number of enchantments applied to the weapon (regardless of enchantment type) will be displayed on the weapon's icon (ex. Enchant:3). Players may safely enchant their weapon up to number 5 ("E5"), however enchanting the armour past E5 risks destroying it in the process.

Gamble Machine[edit | edit source]

Using the Gamble Machine (in the Aquarium), players may apply Weapon Prefix and Suffix upgrades to their armours by using Standard or Advanced Weapon Gamble Cards. Only one Suffix and one Prefix upgrade may be applied to a weapon a time.

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