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A.N.I. is one of two factions in Ace Online, with the other being B.C.U. Their base of operations is Arlington City.

Tired of tyrannical rule, a faction of the military and civilian government separated from B.C.U and formed the Arlington National Influence. The A.N.I. are supporters of the resistance movement that opposes the National Force Union at Bygeniou. Being adamant in rejecting the government position politically, a vast number of military personnel abandoned the military and formed an independent force. Promoting peace and freedom, their objective is to unify Phillon through cooperation and equality. This stance however has caused some issues with the Vatallus as they normally take a passive stance.

Although their ranks contain people from all regions, they have high morale and are well disciplined so that they operate well as a unified force. Their actions have earned them the nickname 'Sword of Arlington' by the populace and are a driving force for their ideals."

Arlington, although promoting peace and freedom, will use any means necessary to achieve their objective. To achieve such ends, they have restarted the destructive ATUM Project which caused much catastrophe in the past.

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